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How do you podcast from a boat? What's it like to write a book?

My questions are more about your business than mental strength. How do you work on a boat? How do you write a book? How do you give a TED talk? What's the best/worst parts about being a therapist?

How do you heal when you get ghosted?

I went on a few dates with someone and I thought things were going well. So I was surprised when he ghosted me. I have no idea if I did something that upset him or what but out of the blue he just stopped replying. I'm embarrassed and heartbroken and angry. At first I made excuses for him and when my friends asked how it was going I just said he was probably busy. I even worried about him for a while thinking he may have been in an accident or something but then I saw him posting on social media. Why do people ghost people and how do you heal when you don't have any kind of closure or don't know what you did wrong?

How to deal with family holidays when grandparents don't believe in ADHD?

My parents are coming for the holidays and they plan to stay for a week. We have two boys with ADHD and my parents don't believe ADHD is a real issue. They think we are bad parents and tell us we should control our kids better. Our boys (6 and 9) are active but they are not wild. They both take medication to manage their symptoms which upsets my parents who think they should be able to be calm without it. I am bracing myself because I know they will have lots of comments about our parenting while they are staying with us for a week. Any help you can offer is appreciated because I don't want their to be any big disagreements while they are here. What do I do if they criticize our parenting?

How do I stop emotional eating?

I eat when I'm lonely, sad, anxious, and stressed. I need to lose weight and sometimes I feel motivated to do it. But all it takes is some extra stress or a bad day and I just eat constantly. How do I stop?

How do I deal with frustration about the fact that my parents cater to my sister who has bipolar?

My adult sister has bipolar disorder. She goes off her medication and makes bad decisions sometimes and then my parents always rescue her. When she's manic she goes on spending sprees or doesn't go to work and then needs money and my parents always give it to her. They once drove across the country to pick her up because she got herself in a dangerous situation-she literally ran away with a truck driver she randomly met at a truck stop. I work hard and struggle to get by and it frustrates me that that they throw money at her. I think she uses her diagnosis as an excuse sometimes. But then I feel bad for feeling somewhat jealous as I'm an adult and I think it's immature to be jealous that she gets everything. Sometimes though I think I should talk to my parents and discourage them from bailing her out because they aren't helping but I don't want to do that just because I'm jealous she gets more than I do. How can I deal with my situation?