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What rules can I set for my teenage daughter who is having sex?

My almost 17-year-old daughter is sexually active. I would prefer that she wasn't but I realize I can't prevent her from doing it. I would like to set some rules, like not allowing her to do it in our home. I'm from a generation where I was taught pre-marital sex was wasn't an option. I want to teach my daughter to be respectful of our rules and of her body but this seems tough. What are reasonable rules we can set?

I can't drag myself out of bed in the morning. Any tips?

I hit the snooze button like 10 times every single morning. At the last possible second, I have to jump up and run out the door to work and I look awful and feel terrible. Sometimes I'm late. I feel like the bad start to they day ruins the whole day. I have self-discipline in other areas of my life but it's hard to feel like a strong person when I can't even drag myself out of bed on time. Do you have any tips for how I can get myself more motivated in the morning?

How do you podcast from a boat?

Your episodes always say you record from a sailboat in the Florida Keys. Can you do an episode about how that works and how you're able to record on a boat? And what it is like?

I lied to my therapist. What do I do now?

I was in an unhealthy relationship when I started therapy. When I found the courage to end the relationship, my therapist helped me set boundaries and work on myself. But, then I started letting my ex back into my life a little more–and now, she’s staying at my house all the time again. But I haven’t told my therapist because I’m afraid it’ll look like I’ve taken a huge backslide and I don’t want her to think I’m not trying. Now that I’ve lied for over a month, I’m not sure how to come clean. What do I do?

How do I break up with a friend?

I’ve been friends with a woman I’ll call Jen for a few years. She’s the type of friend who is always up for anything and we have fun together. But recently, I learned she posts really mean things to people online. We belong to the same local community group on Facebook and she’ll tell strangers they’re stupid for asking what time a restaurant closes in a group instead of just calling. Or on Instagram, she makes fun of celebrities or disses people with different political views. She’s not mean in person so I am shocked she’s like this online. But some of her comments were disturbing–like she made snarky comments to someone who just lost their spouse and seeing those things makes me not want to be friends with her anymore. I don’t want to just ghost her but on the other hand, it’s awkward to break up with a friend. Am I overreacting by not wanting to be friends? And how would I go about ending the friendship?