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I have many goals and not enough motivation. What do I do?

I want to read more books, lose weight, become a better cook, spend more time with family, etc. I convince myself I'll start doing those things one day and the next day I convince myself I don't have time. What do you do when you have too many goals, not enough time, and decreasing motivation?

Do I have to talk about my childhood with my sister?

My sister is a couple of years older than me so we remember our childhoods very differently. She understood what was going on and is traumatized by it. I had no idea what was happening so I thought it was a great childhood. When we moved a lot, I thought it was an adventure. She was old enough to realize it was because we were evicted. I thought we were camping at my grandparents living room. She knew we were basically homeless and trying to get away from mom's abusive boyfriend. I'm not scarred from childhood but she is. She always wants to talk about it though and tells me stories that I don't want to hear. She insists I need to know the truth but I don't think I do. Do I have to talk about my childhood with my sister?

I keep telling myself not to say something racist and then I can't concentrate. What can I do?

I feel like I am pretty lucky and normal, except I have one issue that has been swirling in my head for 20 years and I can't shake it, but I'm thinking it might be a Catastrophic thought. Not sure if you have heard of this one before, but my struggle is when speaking in groups or presenting is sorta ridiculous and embarrassing. I worked as an admissions counselor at a college after I graduated and did a lot of medium sized presentations, and I felt like I was pretty good at it, but started getting bored with them. So I then started telling myself not to say something racist out loud while presenting, stupid I know, but here I am today still dealing with it and its caused me to get distracted in my subsequent different jobs. I reached out to a counselor and she gave me a couple suggestions, but was just curious if you’ve heard of others having this issue?

How do you get the confidence to get started?

Sometimes I want to write a book or start a business or do something big, but then I think I have no business thinking I could do something big. How do you get the confidence to get started?

How do I not blow my progress in a moment of weakness?

I'm trying to get healthier. I am exercising and eating better most of the time. When I'm having a bad day though I grab fast food and indulge. When I'm upset I snack all afternoon. I think it only takes one day or a few hours to undo all the progress I make the rest of the week. How do I stop that?